Realm Rank 1
Region Rank 21
World Rank 151

So much changed since the last update, but bosses keep on dying. On to Imperator now. We are still very much looking for strong players, mostly healers and DPS" Feel free to post an app!

The Mythic race has finally started and we ended day 1 with 2/7 mythic and a nice World 6th ranking (as of this posting). We're sure that will change once the rest of the world gets in there, but we're pretty stoked! Apparently too excited to get any screenshots.

Verdandy I think we're US 7th right now, and got bumped from World top 10 since Europe started raiding. Still good so far!
PepperHots current rank is world 8th. woot woot!

We successfully transitioned to a 25 man guild back in April, but we're still actively recruiting!

PepperHots We need more pps!
Steal I don't exist in this O.O

Its finally over!

Also a big thanks to our members that stuck around the past couple weeks but weren't in for the kill: Sundowner, Chinadoll and Thaylord.. we didn't forget about you! Also to our mages Avine and Blowpawp who each put in about 200 attempts but missed the kill due to crazy Canadian weather and holiday stuffs! 

Congrats guys!

That being said, we are currently recruiting for WoD and are looking for amazing players to help fill our roster. If interested, submit an app or contact an officer in game!
kappy all me
PepperHots That was definitely a team effort all through the tier.
Slapstick fuck yeah bud
grennan Dig going all "fuck that, we are losing time on Garrosh!"